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This page is dedicated to Lisa,Ike & Old memories of the gym
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Hope you had a great day! Miss ya old friend!

Why didn't you stopped when you were home for the fair?

Happy Birthday! April 16, 2012
Stop in when you are home!


Jessica and Dad this summer
Dad is wearing a Your Gym T-shirt from the harrisville 4th of July volley ball tournament. We have been sponsoring that for 5 or 6 yrs. now. Very proud of that.

Me at 223lbs I have really been working on pulling that last bitof fat off the body so far so good I think,lol, very hard that last bit.


Have you noticed the gym's myspace page has our picture in front of the gym on it. I still have that picture in my office and see it every day. I am very proud of that picture; It really says a lot about how the gym was built.

I have so much going on for the 10th yr. anniversary of the gym, I want you to at least be a part of it. Wait till you see all the changes. Along with a new floor comes new walls and the logo with est. 1999 everywhere. It is going to be awsume! After 10 yrs it is clearly the best gym I have ever been in. You will not believe it when you see it, the pictures do not do justice to the equipment or the bar, not one bit really. Wait till you see it.

Hey! So glad to see you saw the floor. I am going to add some more photos for you. I will be painting the walls next and adding a red border. Wait till you see that.

Itemization for the floor

32 packs of sand paper
12 quarts of stain
9 gallons of polyurethane
293 hrs of work

The Obama sign was from little Graham in case you wonder.

Some of the good the gym is doing, we donate money every yr.

I miss ya! WAIT TILL YOU SEE THE GYM NEXT TIME (46 pieces) we started with 15,I AM FINISHING THE FLOOR!!! I will add pictures when I'm done. I added a strive plate loaded military and another strive chest press plus added hanging straps for your abs plus an attachment rack. I had to change the gym all around again and move the stereo to get the other 3 pieces in here. It really looks nice I think. I can't wait till you see it!

I am so excited to show you al lthe changes. I hope to see you soon!

Wait till you see Grove City. I will get a picture for you. It really is looking nice!
What a shame you are not around to ride on day's like today! Happy Columbus day

I hope you are extremely happy in life!!!!!!
Can you believe other pieces?
I am moving the bar to the gym!
IT'S HERE!!!!!!

When are you stopping?

Lisa (Beesca),

This page is just for you. How do you like it? I wanted to very publicly say thank you for all that you have done to make this all possible. I could not have done any of this without you! Thank you!
To keep you updated on the news letter I will put links to them at the bottom of this page. I will also place pictures and other news that you may want to know here. If you have any requests just call or e-mail them to me.

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OK I got a little carried away.
today has been so busy that I really had not noticed it until just now 4:10pm (est) that is was 7 yrs.
I hope you are doing something to celebrate the day too. Have a great day!

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Support Handlebars , Rear Wheels for Easy Mobility
Features Accessory Tray, Reading Rack and Instructional Placard
Diagnostics Manager’s Configuration Menu,
FitLinxx™ and Cardio Theater® Compatible
Dimensions: 76" L x 28" W x 70" H (193 cmL x 71 cmW x 178 cmH)
Weight 356 Lb. (161 Kg)
Maximum User Weight: 300 lbs. (136 kg)
Power: Standard 120-volt, 15-amp circuit, Daisy Chain Up to 10 Units On One Outlet.

ess I see room for im

All Rights Reserved YOUR GYM & Complete Supplement Store
Any reproduction is strictly Prohibited