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Why is breakfast so important?
Because it starts your metabolism but how does it do that? By eating the traditional breakfast that you see on the back of the cereal box? No. You will not start your metabolism eating a breakfast that is mainly carbohydrates and some fat but is mostly protein free. Now letís go back; why is breakfast the most important meal of the day? The reason lies in your sleep, four hours after sleeping you have digested everything that you ate the day before and now all the enzymes that are needed for everyone of the bodies biochemical reactions is coming from your muscle tissue. You now are in a catabolic state consuming your own muscle tissue for your enzyme requirements. This is diminishing your muscle size and is lowering your metabolism. The longer you stay in a catabolic state the lower you drop your metabolism making it harder and harder to burn your calories.
The first meal of the day should get you out of this catabolic state and into an anabolic state which simply means adding to your muscle tissue. By adding to your muscle tissue you are increasing your metabolism making it easier and easier to burn your calories; which is what everyone wants. Unless you need to add body fat skipping breakfast or having a breakfast that consists of only carbohydrates and fat with no 9 essential amino acids, (complete protein), will do it.
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