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Getting Fitness Back In Your Life
Work, school, kids, family. When your life gets busy, fitness plans can be pushed by the wayside. The reality is, the busier you get, the more you NEED to exercise. Exercise gives you the energy you need for that busy lifestyle. Here are some tips to help you fit exercise into your daily life:
1. Make a daily list of all of your duties. Include exercise on the list. Every day, check off your accomplishments - including exercise.
2. Look at your week in advance. Find short periods of time when you could do some type of activity. Include these times in your list.
3. Plan for three or four formal exercise sessions per week. Make the rest, informal sessions - such as walking the dog, cleaning your house, gardening, shopping, washing your car. Remember that accumulated exercise is an effective way of burning calories, as well.
4. Keep your formal exercise sessions to one hour or less. Research shows that when the exercise periods exceed an hour, motivation decreases dramatically.
5. Plan family activities to be fitness related. Playing catch, riding bikes, walking to local destinations, swimming at local pools.
6. If your schedule permits, become involved in your child's sports team as a coach or an assistant coach. Many of the coaches are looking for help with the kids and will appreciate your attendance at practices.
7. Purchase exercise videos geared to children and work out with them.
8. Get your neighbors and friends involved in activities such as hiking, volleyball, and bike-riding. Motivation increases with the involvement of groups.
9. Exercise while you watch TV with the family. Floor exercise and stretching are activities that can be done while watching a program. You can even leave some light resistant equipment like light weights and bands in a trunk or cabinet for use.
10. Along with your exercise program, remember to decrease your fat intake and decrease your intake of high sugar foods.
Most important of all: Be flexible and don't get discouraged. Keep your eye on your goal to feel better and have a long healthy life.
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