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Your Gym's March Newsletter

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March 1, 2004Getting Started

Getting Started If you're frustrated with your lack of energy and drive, and want to regain your youthful enthusiasm, it's easier than you think. Here's how: STEP 1: Decide that you will make the commitment to include exercise into your life. STEP 2: If you are male and over the age of 40, if you are female and over the age of 50, if you have two or more risk factors for disease, or if you have a pre-existing medical condition, see your physician before starting an exercise program. STEP 3: Set realistic goals. The first goal should be to feel better. Remember that programs that aim at quick weight loss are difficult to maintain, and usually result in failure. STEP 4: Share your desire to improve your fitness level with your family or significant other. This is a great way to get them to help support and motivate you. STEP 5: Pick an activity that you think you will enjoy. Research shows that you will adhere to your workout plan if you enjoy what you are doing. Most people choose walking because it is inexpensive, and easy to do. STEP 6: Keep your workouts to under an hour. Research also shows that lengthy workout programs are hard to fit into your schedule and may not be continued. STEP 7: Start slow and progress your program slowly. Feeling sore and tired after beginning aggressively will keep you from wanting to continue the program. STEP 8: Work out with a friend. Exercise is more fun if it is a social event. Working out with another person can also be a form of motivation if you agree to encourage each other. STEP 9: Change your workout activity frequently to keep you from becoming bored. This will also improve your chances to continue. STEP 10: Add activity into your daily life. Walk instead of drive if possible, get outdoors and garden, wash your car, and play with your children or grand children. If you think about it, there are many other ways you can include activity into your usual schedule. STEP 11: Seek the advice of an expert. If you are inexperienced in the area of exercise, most fitness facilities offer the services of fitness experts or personal trainers to help you get your program on course. Many of these individuals will come to your home to consult with you in private. STEP 12: Don't be hard on yourself. Fitness is a journey, not a destination. Keep your eyes on your goal and you will continue to move forward and improve your health. All Rights Reserved YOUR GYM & Complete Supplement Store Any reproduction is strictly Prohibited Why Resistance Training? As you begin planning your fitness program, one question you may be asking is: Do I need to include resistance training? The answer to this question is a resounding "Yes." As we become older, if we don't stress the muscles, we begin to lose valuable muscle mass. This can lead to bone and joint problems, weakness, increased susceptibility to injury, even osteoporosis. Reducing the muscle mass also reduces the number of calories we require, resulting in an increase in body fat. Here are some facts about strength training that may help motivate you: · Resistance training increases the strength of the bones, muscle joints and connective tissue. · Resistance training increases the muscle mass. · Resistance training can help prevent injuries and help you perform functional activities of daily living longer. · Anyone can have success with resistance training. Seniors in their nineties have seen increases in strength and muscle mass when starting programs. · Resistance training does not have to hurt to be effective. · Resistance training can help to correct problems such as low back pain and other problems related to joint weakness. · A successful program can be done in as little as three short sessions per week. · Resistance training can help improve your posture and alignment, and contour your body as well as help develop the shape that you are striving for. · Resistance training helps you feel good and strong and as with other forms of exercise, can help you feel more confident and in control. · As with other forms of exercise, resistance training can help prevent disease and provide for a longer, more active enjoyable life. All Rights Reserved YOUR GYM & Complete Supplement Store Any reproduction is strictly Prohibited If you don't lose weight, there's no point in exercising. What gets most people off the couch and into their walking shoes? It’s that unwanted flab that motivates most of us. It shouldn’t. “Many people don’t see immediate weight loss and say it’s all for naught and stop,” says exercise expert William Haskell of Stanford University Medical School. In fact, exercise has a laundry list of benefits beyond any impact on your next shopping trip (see “A Dozen Other Reasons to Exercise”). Among them: “It improves the ability of insulin to enter cells, so it lowers the risk of diabetes,” says Haskell. “It also lowers the risk of heart disease by improving blood clotting mechanisms, lowering triglycerides, and raising HDL [‘good’] cholesterol.” Exercise alters not only your risk of disease, but your quality of life, he adds. “In our studies, exercise improved sleep in people with modest sleep dysfunction,” that is, people who take a long time to fall sleep or who wake up frequently at night. “The psychological benefits of exercise are frequently overlooked,” says Haskell. “Exercise isn’t a panacea, but it has consistently been shown to relieve both depression and anxiety.” All Rights Reserved YOUR GYM & Complete Supplement Store Any reproduction is strictly Prohibited Edit Main Topics
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