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Pictures Of Mighty Moe

If your ears were burning today 2/13/06
Young James was talking about how you changed him permanently.LOL. It was so cute to hear his perception of seeing you when he was first in here 6 years ago now.
I should add I know I too was not at all perfect and could of done a great deal better in the way I treated you.
I will send you a little birthday money; Lisa I wish I could send more. I will send it to your parents house and they can forward it to you. I just wanted you to know it is coming incase they don't tell you I sent it. I will post when I do.

Please say hello.
I know you get the paper from here but did you read that Russ (Rusty) Wright died only 41 heartattack, I just talked to him. What a shame.
Life is short dear, say hello....
Trying to inject alittlehumor.
Lisa, This is all your message said, I will paste it in here.
Why don't you say hello? I would really love to talk to you.
There is so much to catch up on. Don't you want to talk to me? Should I take this page down?
Say hello Virginian! I miss you!

I saved a little puppy tonight, a lady from McDonalds that loved Ike seen where 2 puppies out of a litter of 11 survived someone trying to suffocate them.She is small and has a little pitbull in her.
\I'll send pictures.
I'm not sure about keeping her but I could not let her be killed at a shelter either.